DARCA Workshops

Colorado Water Congress
January, 25, 2017

Every year, the Colorado Water Congress has graciously given DARCA a 4 hour slot on the Wednesday of their January convention to present on topics of ditch company interest. It has been a great way to spread the ditch company word.   Over the years, the presentations have been varied and well received. We will be having two presentations in Jan, but you will need to register with the CWC to attend their convention, and not through DARCA. Click here to visit the registration information

Annual Convention Program
The theme for the convention is Connectivity  The approach is less about who our speakers are and more about who our members are.  What we need to prepare for as we constantly strive to be effective in a world where the rules seem to be constantly changing.  The program is available here: 2017 AC Program

Hotel Reservations
Please visit the link Hyatt Regency DTC for hotel room reservations.

CSU Water Tables
The annual fund-raiser for the CSU Water Resources Archive will be on Thursday, January 26.  Information about the event may be found here: CSU 2017 Water Table dinner

WORKSHOP I.  Ditch Companies and Drones

(1:30–3:00 p.m.)

Presenter: Chuck Adams (1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc.)

The increasing cost of delivering water to farmers with an ever expanding population in Colorado, and today’s regulatory and legal environment have complicated the matter of running ditch companies in Colorado. DARCA has been in the forefront in finding cost effective solutions for Colorado’s ditch companies. One advancement that is being used extensively in many other industries is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. Please join Chuck Adams with 1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc. to explain and demonstrate how drones are being used with ditch companies.  Chuck will provide an introduction on drones along with case studies of working with several DARCA members (Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company & Boulder and Larimer County Irrigating and Manufacturing Ditch Co.)  He will be able to explain how GIS can be incorporated with the use of drones, and how measuring the capacity of reservoirs can be inexpensively undertaken.

WORKSHOP II.  Discussion: Increasing the Role of Ditch Companies and ATMs – The DARCA ATM Handbook
(3:30–4:45 p.m.) 

Presenters: John McKenzie (Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance); John Wiener (University of Colorado); and Brett Bovee (WestWater Research LLC)

 DARCA has held planning and Alternative Transfer Methods (ATMs) workshops during the last several years. ATMs are important tools that may offer solutions addressing the long-term concerns of ditch companies including their resource bases, service areas, shareholders, and communities.  DARCA promotes the development of effective and equitable uses of ATMs for ditch and reservoir companies as well as for their farmer/rancher shareholders and other water users.  Despite the sustained advocacy and efforts of many towards the adoption of ATMs, successful results have been few. It is DARCA’s position that ditch companies are best suited to enter into these arrangements rather than individual water right holders or alliances among several ditch companies.  As part of DARCA’s efforts, it is proposing to create a DARCA ATM Handbook that would provide relevant information and practical advice for ditch companies. Ditch companies would be better informed and would be able to initiate a feasibility plan themselves. The presenters of the workshop will discuss the topics that are being considered for the handbook: valuing the option and exercise prices; determining how often an ATM option would be exercised; potential partners and parties; promoting your ditch company and marketing ATMs; legal options for creating ATMs; sample agreements; case studies; and resources/material for appendices.  The Water Congress audience/participants will consider how ditch companies can become major players in the adoption of ATMs.  The discussions will help to develop the template of considerations for ATMs that DARCA is developing, and help to focus on priorities for the missing pieces of the puzzle.  Your experiences and perspectives will be valuable and welcome!