DARCA Workshop at the Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention on Wednesday 25 January

Every year, the Colorado Water Congress has graciously given DARCA a 4 hour slot on the Wednesday of their January convention to present on topics of ditch company interest. It has been a great way to spread the ditch company word.   Over the years, the presentations have been varied and well received. We will be having two presentations in Jan, but you will need to register with the CWC to attend their convention, and not through DARCA. Click here to visit the registration information. The theme of this years CWC convention is Connectivity . The approach is less about who our speakers are and more about who our members are.  What we need to prepare for as we constantly strive to be effective in a world where the rules seem to be constantly changing.  The program is available here: 2017 AC Program

DARCA will be presenting two consecutive workshops at the CWC Annual Convention at the Hyatt Regency DNC in Denver on Wednesday, 25 January. The first workshop, led by Chuck Adams (1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc.), will about how ditch and reservoir companies can take advantage of new technology- specifically drones. The second workshop will be led by John McKenzie (DARCA Executive Director) and John Wiener (University of Colorado) and Brett Bovee (WestWater Research LLC). This workshop will be a discussion on the increasing role of ditch companies and the alternative transfer methods. The workshop will also present the DARCA ATM Handbook.
We look forward to meeting new faces and having a great discussion on Wednesday 25 January at the CWC annual convention in Denver!