Urbanization issues, municipalities seeking ditch company water for urban use, and the increasing cost of doing business in today’s regulatory and legal environment have complicated the matter of operating ditch companies in Colorado.  Many ditch companies have not been operated in a manner that allows for the optimal use of their resource base.  Many ditch company problems can be traced to a lack of planning to adequately deal with problems, pressures, and opportunities.  These limitations can be due to a lack of information on behalf of policy makers, the reliance on the wrong experts, and the improper implementation of strategies.  DARCA held several workshops with ditch company officials is to ascertain the status of planning activities in the medium and long term and to identify impediments that thwart the planning process.  DARCA has compiled recommendations regarding ditch company planning from these workshops into a summary that is available to all DARCA members.

DARCA’s recommendations may be found here:     DARCADitchCompanyPlanningFinal