Ditch Hazards, Awareness and Safety

Please Contact DARCA at (970) 412-1960 for more information on scheduling this on-site workshop. All 1/2 day workshops are $500.

   A Meeting and Participatory Workshop
For ditch companies, urban growth has produced unforeseen consequences. Questions surround liability involved with open water in a populated environment. How can we ensure safety and prevent drowning? Safety issues along the ditch are of utmost concern to everyone. Particularly vulnerable are the very young who must be supervised at all times.
Ditch water runs cold, at times quite fast, and may pull a person under quickly. Experts will hold a public educational workshop focused on safety issues and drowning prevention along and in the service areas of ditches. The workshop includes a brief contextual statement, a session on the legal aspects of safety, and a participatory workshop to create proactive steps to prevent mishaps and drowning.
Representatives from the local ditch companies, officials from the local municipality and county will be present to work with people to create plans. Representatives from other ditch and reservoir companies from all over Colorado are encouraged to attend so that they will be able to adopt similar educational workshops for their respective ditch companies.