Flow Measurement

Please Contact DARCA at (970) 412-1960 for more information on scheduling this on-site workshop. All full day workshops are $1000.

This workshop is essential for ditch company personnel interested in learning about the latest technologies of measuring, recording and reporting water flows in canals and for on-farm delivery applications.
The workshop begins with flow measurement fundamentals: the common units of measurement and the operational benefits of flow measurement. Historical measurement devices, including the Parshall flume, basic operation of all critical flow measurement devices and details on measurement accuracy are on the agenda. The course covers the design and installation of long-throated (Replogle) flumes and broad-crested weirs. These types of flumes have several advantages over the Parshall. They can be custom designed to the user’s needs, cost less to construct and are more accurate.
Participants are invited to bring their laptop computers to class. WinFlume, a powerful, easy to use software program will be provided. The program allows users to perform a rating analysis on an existing flume or a new flume can be designed. The participants will be instructed in the use of the software and will be able to solve exercises in the afternoon session of the class. Recording devices of all types will be described and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, better known as SCADA, will be discussed and presented for flow recording and reporting. The technologies can provide monitoring and control of canal operations from a centralized location. Data and information, such as canal flows and reservoir storage data, can be easily posted to the canal company’s web site for management and shareholder access.