Funding Available: Privately Owned and Non – Profit Ditch Company Grants

Privately Owned and Non – Profit Ditch Company Grants

 The State amends the approved Action Plan to include $4,077,000 for assistance to private and non-profit ditch utilities for urgent repair and implementation of resilience measures. These utilities are vital to the economic recovery effort of agricultural businesses because of the dependence on ditch-delivered water in the semi-arid farming environment of Colorado, the  economic impacts from damaged ditches are passed down to the low- and moderate-income farming demographic. These farmers are required to pay a monthly utilization fee to the ditch utility companies, and restoration of the ditch utility service it is vital to their well-being and livelihood. This grant program also requires that funded ditch utilities coordinate to the greatest extent reasonably possible with the regional and State watershed initiatives outlined in this amendment in order to take advantage of the larger resilience and restoration effort.

Program application and guidelines will be available March 1, 2015.
Co. Dept of Ag Flood Recovery Mgr