Geographic Information System (GIS)

Please Contact DARCA at (970) 412-1960 for more information on scheduling this on-site workshop. All full day workshops are $1000.

This course will provide participants with a basic understanding of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and its use with irrigation systems management. The workshop allows participants to use ESRI’s ArcGIS. Through a hands-on tutorial, the course will provide an overview of GIS and different GIS data types. This is followed by an introduction to ArcGIS and its various interfaces.
Next, participants are guided through a lesson using real data that will have an immediate utility for your ditch company. Additionally, through this workshop you will learn how to download data from the internet, display the data using ArcGIS, make an informative map, edit attributes, digitize your own lines and polygons and measure distances and areas.
This is a great introduction to beneficial uses of GIS technology for canal companies and will help anyone learn the necessary skills to begin using GIS.