Become a member of DARCA’s email group

DARCA’s group email list, or listserv, has been shown to be a valuable way for our members to communicate with one another. The listserv is hosted through Google Groups and is limited to DARCA members. It allows DARCA members to communicate with one another.

An email to DARCA from one of its members is a testimonial to the value of the group email:

You might recall back in October, I contacted you asking what other companies do about Shareholders wanting to pump directly from the ditch? At your suggestion we contacted our fellow DARCA members and received 16 replies to our question. This was a gold mine of input from which we have formulated our pumping policy. On behalf of our Board of Directors…We would like to thank DARCA for your help. Being able to network with people who have similar problems was not possible before DARCA came into existence.

To send message to the group, use darca@googlegroups.com as email address.  Members can respond to the entire group or the sender individually.

Sign-up for group email