Guide to Dam Safety, Operation and Maintenance

Please Contact DARCA at (970) 412-1960 for more information on scheduling this on-site workshop. All full day workshops are $1000.

     This workshop will identify the importance of dam maintenance and monitoring by briefly discussing past dam failures in Colorado and the USA. This class will discuss often neglected maintenance items that can often lead to costly repairs as well as new maintenance concerns such as the zebra mussel. Standard dam monitoring equipment items such as toe drains, monuments, and piezometers will be discussed in regards to their maintenance and the importance of proper record keeping.
The course will explain the State Engineers Office role in the permitting process for new dams and modifications/repairs to existing dams, annual inspections, and overall dam safety. Learn what to expect during a typical dam safety inspection and what the consequences of a fill restriction can be as well as what can be done regarding dam security. We will also briefly touch on the requirements and content of emergency action plans and crisis management. Learn how to proceed with the enlargement/rehabilitation of an existing dam and what some of the typical barriers are to these types of projects such as threatened and endangered species, Clean Water Act regulations and wetlands/fens. Learn what will be required for submittal to the State Engineers Office to obtain a permit and what funding sources and help may be available of these types of projects.