Helping Ditch Companies and Group Laterals

The Delta Conservation District is working with DARCA to help water users on the Western Slope during these changing times. John McKenzie, DARCA Executive Director, and Eve Triffo, DARCA Board Member, will present information to ditch companies and group laterals about how best to organize your ditch companies into corporate entities. The presentations will address formalities of incorporation, the “Ditch Act,” bylaws, operating rules, and the responsibilities of board members. All current board members of local irrigation ditch companies and group laterals, whether formally incorporated or not, and interested shareholders of such organizations will benefit from the information presented. The workshop will be held on Thursday, November 29th, at Memorial Hall in Hotchkiss, CO located at 175 North 1st St. from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. The workshop is free and includes pie and coffee. Please RSVP to the Delta Conservation District at 874-5726, Ext. 121 to reserve your slice of locally made pie.

Directions to Hotchkiss Memorial Hall: From Delta, head east on Hwy 92 for about 19 miles into Hotchkiss.  (Cross RR tracks as you enter Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss Rentals on right).  Continue east and turn left onto 1st Street at the third street on left (Briscoe & Stanway law firm office on near left corner, First State Bank on far left corner, Post Office on far right corner, former Hotchkiss Hotel on near right corner).  Memorial Hall is ~ 200′ on the right  – one story brick building attached to Hotchkiss Library.

From Gunnison approaching through Crawford,  continue west on Hwy 92 past City Market lot entrance and junction with Hwy 133.  Continue west past Delta County Fairgrounds on left and turn right onto 1st Street at the fourth street on the right (First State Bank is on near right corner, Briscoe & Stanway law firm  on far right corner, Post Office on near left corner, former Hotchkiss Hotel on far left corner).  Memorial Hall is ~ 200′ on the right – one story brick building attached to Hotchkiss Library.