Irrigation District Workshop

Please Contact DARCA at (970) 412-1960 for more information on scheduling this on-site workshop. All full day workshops are $1000.

    DARCA organized the first-ever meeting of all fourteen Colorado irrigation districts. All of these irrigation districts are facing the same issues as their service areas urbanize. These districts confront new challenges everyday because of subdivision development and growth.
This workshop looks at the two irrigation statutes. Enacted in 1905 and 1921, the statutes are difficult to interpret and at odds with other statutory requirements. This leads some people to feel that an overhaul of the irrigation statutes is long overdue.
The purpose of this workshop is to explore the history and purpose of Colorado’s irrigation districts, identify problematic statutes and possibly chart a course of action to remedy problem areas common to the 14 districts.
This workshop is open to anyone interested in Colorado’s irrigation districts, including board members, managers, staff, legal counsel and engineering consultants.