Irrigation Scheduling and Flow Measurement

Please Contact DARCA at (970) 412-1960 for more information on scheduling this on-site workshop. All 1/2 day workshops are $500 and full day workshops are $1000.

  A review of irrigation water management concepts will be covered. That is, how much water is required for various crops during different stages of growth and at various locations. Sources and reference material on how to estimate or obtain this information will be provided.
Next, the concept of irrigation scheduling will be discussed, along with a comparison of different scheduling techniques of varying degrees of complexity. An overview of different irrigation systems types will be presented, including a discussion of how system selection can impact irrigation water management. An overview of the technical and financial assistance options available from USDA-NRCS will be presented.
The next section of the training is essential for ditch company personnel interested in learning about the latest technologies of measuring, recording, and reporting water flows in canals and for on-farm delivery applications. This part of the workshop begins with flow measurement fundamentals: the common units of measurement and the operational benefits of flow measurement. Historical measurement devices, including the Parshall flume, basic operation of all critical flow measurement devices and details on measurement accuracy are on the agenda. Flow meters for piped systems will be presented as well.