DARCA Model Land Use Codes

Ditch and reservoir companies are an integral part of Colorado’s agricultural landscape and they provide many benefits beyond running water through their canals to their farmer shareholders. These additional benefits, often referred to as positive externalities, enhance local communities and provide eco-system services. The development of more productive relationships with local governmental agencies including a better definition of property rights through local land use code changes can significantly assist ditch companies to prosper in the 21st century. Policies for inducing change should be crafted so that as much benefit is produced with the least amount of cost. The impact of the report’s recommendations appears to be widespread and meaningful while the cost of implementing them is fairly insignificant.

DARCA is pleased to provide you with the DARCA Model Land Use Codes. Many ditch company problems are local ones requiring local solutions and municipalities and county governments need to play an active role in helping ditch companies prosper.  This report explains: 1) the importance of ditch companies to Colorado’s citizens; 2) provides model code principles; and 3) lists actual land use codes from across the state.

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