Low Head Hydroelectric Opportunities

Low Head Hydroelectric Opportunities for Ditch and Reservoir Companies (Pre-Convention Workshop), February 2011

When: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
220 Water Avenue.
Berthoud, Colorado
Cost: $100 for DARCA/CWC members; $200 for non-members
If you are registered for the 2011 convention , please subtract $25 from the workshop price.
The Low Head Hydro workshop is the pre-convention workshop before the 9th Annual DARCA Convention in Loveland, CO on February 17-19, 2011. The workshop expands on last year’s Micro Hydropower Opportunities workshop held in Durango and covers low head hydro technologies for canal companies. Low head hydro typically refers to sites with between 5 and 30 feet of head. New, innovative, cost effective technologies are being developed that may make low head hydro a viable source of renewable power for ditch companies in Colorado.

The workshop will begin with a brief overview of low head hydro and assessing a site for feasibility and potential. Conditions that create a good low head hydro site and common obstacles for development will be highlighted. Low head hydro turbines will be introduced and each turbine’s strength and limitations will be discussed.

A representative from the Governor’s Energy Office will explain two new programs related to hydropower: 1) The MOU signed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the resulting FERC streamlining pilot project; and 2) the newly formed Renewable Energy Development Team. A consultant with the FERC permitting experience will speak about his experiences with the FERC licensing exemption process.

Other topics will include financing low head hydro projects, developing a project on a Bureau of Reclamation canal or reservoir, and utility interconnection issues. Results of a recent study on the low head hydro potential in Colorado will be shared.

Finally, case studies will be presented by irrigation district managers, and turbine manufacturers. They will share their experience in developing a low head hydro site, and obstacles that were overcome. Case studies include installations in Oregon, New Mexico and Arizona. Turbine manufacturers will be available to explain their technologies.

A highly qualified group of experts from all over the country will address the participants. They include:

  • Craig Ullmann, Applegate Group, CO
  • Lindsay George, Applegate Group, CO
  • Joe Blankenship, Natel Energy, CA
  • Francisco Flores, Governor’s Energy Office, CO
  • Dan Zimmerle, CSU Department of Mechanical Engineering, CO
  • Gary Esslinger, Elephant Butte Irrigation District, NM
  • Burt Hamner, Hydrovolts, WA
  • Jay Maher, Kleinschmidt Associates, PA

For information regarding workshop call 970-412-1960.
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$100.00 – Hydroelectric (DARCA/CWC members NOTregistered for convention) $75.00 – Hydroelectric (DARCA/CWC members REGISTERED for convention) $200.00 – Hydroelectric (non-members NOT registered for convention) $175.00 – Hydroelectric (non-members REGISTERED for convention)