Colorado Water Congress: State Affairs Committee

The State Affairs Committee consists of 200+ members and acts as a driving body for the Colorado Water Congress’ legislative efforts.  Members include water organizations, water users, and interested citizens.  Water related legislation is reviewed weekly, with a two-thirds consensus dictating the committee’s position on the bill.  Legislation advocated by the committee has a high success rate, largely accredited to the diverse and comprehensive knowledge of members.

DARCA is a member of the State Affairs Committee brings an extensive knowledge of ditch companies and agricultural water user. With DARCA’s participation, ditch and reservoir companies have a voice in water-related legislative efforts. Please support DARCA and its advocacy for ditch and reservoir companies by contacting DARCA’s Executive Director and its Board of Directors about pending legislation that concerns you.

Colorado General Assembly: Bill Folders

You may find it useful to find out the status of a bill by viewing either the Senate or House Committees:

House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources

Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy

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