Storm Water & Water Quality (1/2 Day)

Please Contact DARCA at (970) 412-1960 for more information on scheduling this on-site workshop. All 1/2 day workshops are $500.

Basic Hydrology of pre and post-development scenarios in the context of  water quantity and quality addressing tributary and distributary systems.    Urbanization has been occurring along ditches and their riparian corridors since Colorado’s first ditches were built in latter half of the 19th century and this urban growth has placed many pressures on Colorado ditch and reservoir companies. One issue that is increasingly becoming more prominent is the impact of stormwater – both in terms of quaility and quantity – into these ditches. The workshop will help participants identify and frame these issues and develop appropriate solutions to eliminate or mitigate potential damage and liability to their ditch systems.

The workshop will begin with an informative presentation about the work that is being done to protect water quality in the Boulder Creek and St. Vrain watersheds from urban runoff.  Janice Lopitz, the project coordinator of the Keep it Clean Partnership, will describe the state mandated stormwater programs being implemented to address urban runoff  from the residential, commericial and construction communities.

Next, Richard Belt, P.E., P.H. of Aqua Engineering will discuss the many stormwater engineering topics including the use of case studies from local ditch companies. Richard’s presentation will focus on:

  • Quantity Management Issues and how to lessen post-development impacts through appropriate basin and outlet designs.
  • Quality Management Issues for inflows into ditches including concentrated and sheet flow techniques and primary contaminants of concern.
  • Effectively Interacting with Cities, Counties and Other Agencies.  What are typical development standards and what does a typical post-development for a ditch system really look like.
  • FEMA and Floodplain Management The management of floodplains by FEMA and the impact on ditch companies