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Take the Train with DARCA!

AmtrakManPlease consider joining your fellow DARCA members on Amtrak’s California Zephyr train for your mode of transportation to DARCA’s 13th Annual Convention in Grand Junction. The train departs at 8:05 a.m. daily from Denver’s newly remodeled Denver Union Station. Once you are on board, the train will carry you westward through Arvada, towards Rocky Flats and into Coal Creek Canyon. Next the train approaches Moffat Tunnel, a part of Denver’s water collection system.

Along the train route from Denver to Grand Junction, participants will pass various water features, see the influence of water on the surrounding landscape and learn about water’s influence on Colorado’s history. DARCA hosted a water tour on Amtrak in 2010 and a map with explanations is provided for your trip. The train travels along the Colorado River and away from developed areas and highways, offering riders exceptional views and a real insight into historic Colorado.

The train route takes you past FRICO (Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company) Canals, south of Standley Lake, south of Gross Reservoir, the South Boulder Creek Drainage System, Rollins Pass, Rollinsville, Winter Park, Fraser, the Fraser River, Granby, past Windy Gap pumping plant, Byers Canyon, Gore Canyon, Burns, diversions for: Williams Fork, Wolford Mtn, and Green Mtn. Reservoir, Dotsero,and Glenwood Canyon before reaching Grand Junction at 3:57 p.m.
Upon arrival at Grand Junction, you will be within walking distance – only two blocks – from the Two Rivers Convention Center as well as the hotels. Amtrak departs daily from Grand Junction at 10:23 a.m. and arrives in Denver at 6:38 p.m. You may consider buying a multi-city ticket with a layover in Glenwood Springs.

Those who are attending the DARCA Convention are able to receive a 10% discount off their fares. However, to receive the DARCA discount, you will need to call Amtrak at at 1-(800) 872-7245 as these reduced fares cannot be booked via the internet. For the DARCA fare rate please use the convention fare code, X13V-919.

DARCA has hosted two Water Tours from Denver to Glenwood Spring in the last few years. A map and guide are available for your trip.

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