Upcoming Model Land Use Codes Worksops

The Ditch & Reservoir Company Alliance (DARCA) will be holding three workshops during the month of June on how local government and ditch companies can work more cooperatively. The first workshop, Ditch Companies: Enhancing Communication, Reducing Uncertainty, and Planning for a Prosperous Future will take place on June 3, Friday, at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The subsequent two workshops will be held in Fort Collins on June 14 at the City of Fort Collins Utilities Office and in Canon City at the Four Mile Community Club on June 23. The public is welcome to attend these free workshops, and they run from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided.

The workshop will address how ditch companies and irrigated agriculture provide benefits to local communities in many ways. A wide variety of speakers have been invited to not only inform, but to solicit input from the agricultural and water communities. Representatives from local ditch companies, and city and county officials will point out the importance of working more collaboratively, and will discuss the needs of counties, cities, ditch companies, citizens, contractors, and developers. DARCA will present the updated version of its DARCA Model Land Use Codes. The Glenwood Springs workshop will also discuss Alternative Transfer Mechanisms (ATMs), and propose solutions that address the long-term concerns of ditch companies including their resource base, service area, shareholders, and community.

The Ditch & Reservoir Company Alliance, a nonprofit organization established in 2001, is dedicated to serving the needs of mutual ditch and reservoir companies, irrigation districts, and lateral companies through its efforts of advocacy, education, and networking.

Please find time to attend if you are a ditch shareholder or own water rights. Public officials and individuals that have an interest in area ditches will find the workshops useful. Click here for information about the workshop series and click here to register.

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