Water Fluency Program

Understand Water with Water Fluency
“If you care about Colorado’s future, you should know and care about water,” says Kristin Maharg, director of programs for the Colorado Water Foundation for Water Education. That’s why the Foundation crafted a new Water Fluency program as a unique educational experience to boost participants’ water knowledge. This course will help participants better analyze water’s influence on the issues they deal with everyday and evaluate creative solutions.
Participants from special districts, county commissions, chambers of commerce, consulting groups and others will navigate the complexity and future of water management and policy issues with a group of 30 peers. Together, they will learn through a course curriculum that builds off the statewide water dialogue and gain critical knowledge at an important time— the year that Colorado’s Water Plan will be finalized and more difficult decisions about water are to come. “We want Colorado’s leaders to see water in every issue and to be able to confidently make important decisions that are crucial to their communities, economies, and futures,” Maharg says.
Class sessions will focus on Colorado’s water resources, including the economic value of water and ties to public policy; the legal and institutional frameworks of water law and administration and water project planning and approval; water resource management, touching on topics like watershed health, environmental protection, water quality, and natural disasters; and water for the future, assessing supply and meeting demand, conservation and land use, alignment of resources and policies and more.
The program launches in April and runs through August with four half-day in-person classes, as well as optional site visits and online course material. Registration is now open. Learn more and register by visiting http://www.yourwatercolorado.org/waterfluency.