Water Law 101 at the Montezuma County Fairgrouds on April 2nd

The Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Division of Water Resource,
Montezuma Valley Irrigation, the Mancos Water Conservancy District, and the Dolores Water
Conservancy District will be hosting a 3 hour course titled Water Law 101.
The course is intended for all community members involved in any aspect of irrigation water and
who desire additional knowledge on their rights and responsibilities.
The information presented will assist water consumers in understanding the roles of the agencies
involved and the water districts they subscribe too.
Areas covered will include both civil and criminal ramifications pertaining to water law and
water usage. It is our desire to impart information onto the community in hopes of alleviating
conflict between stakeholders during the water season.
Location of Training: Montezuma County Fairgrounds, Meeting Room
Highway 160, East of Cortez Date and Time: 4/02/16 at 1:00 pm Please RSVP to Agricultural Deputy Dave Huhn at dhuhn@so.montezuma.co.us or