Western Water Symposium

Join the Water Resources Archive for a day of learning, debate, and discussion focused on pioneering our water future.

Life in the American West has been made possible by pioneers, dreamers, and doers. People developing farms and towns created the technology, laws, and organizations that we use today to manage the limited water available in arid and semiarid Western landscapes. They left a legacy, which is the foundation for our future. What are some of those past innovations we inherited? And how do we build on those for the pioneering ideas of tomorrow?

The setting may be neutral, but the ideas will not be!

Join us for the first annual Western Water Symposium & Barbecue being held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins on Monday, July 27. In keeping with the theme “Pioneering our Future,” four speakers will inspire attendees to explore ways to build on our inherited past — the technology, laws, and organizations we use to manage water today in the Western United States — to pioneer the cutting-edge ideas of tomorrow. The day will be filled with learning, debate, lively conversation, and networking.

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