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Amber Weber
South East Colorado
(719) 688-9941


DARCA is governed by a Board of Directors and is based on river basins with additional board seats for ex-officio members.

Mannie Colon, President

Arkansas Basin
(719) 275-6359

Scott Campbell, Vice President
Arkansas Basin
(719) 469-6831

Craig Ullmann, Secretary
Colorado Basin

Applegate Group, Inc.
(970) 945-9686

Kirk Russell, Treasurer

Metro/South Platte Basin
Colorado Water Conservation Board – Ex-Officio Member
(303) 866-3441 ext 3232

Kevin Salter

Arkansas Basin Basin

Kansas Department of Agriculture – Ex-Officio Member

Phil Bertrand

Gunnison Basin
Grand Valley Irrigation Company – Grand Junction
(970) 242-2762

Paul Kehmeier

Gunnison Basin

Colorado Department of Agriculture – Ex-Officio Member
(719) 614-4921

Matt Cook – Technical Ex-Officio

Metro/ South Platte Basin
HDR Incorporated


Chane Polo - Legislative Liaison 

Metro/South Platte Basin - Ex-Officio Member

Colorado Water Congress


Dawn Jewell

Metro/South Platte Basin
Brighton Ditch Company – Fort Lupton
(303) 739-7145

Jennifer Wellman

Yampa, White, Green Basin
The Nature Conservancy

Nathan McCoy

Metro/South Platte Basin
Church Ditch Water Authority
(303) 335-7143

Board member slots unfulfilled by river basin- Rio Grande and Southwest


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Longmont, CO 80502

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