Advocacy comes in many shapes and sizes, but one of the ways DARCA participates in advocacy is through the Colorado Water Congress' State Affairs Committee. Here, DARCA has a voice on draft legislation that may impact you. We will post this information to here on our website and send out frequent emails, so please speak up on these issues.


You belong at the table and this is one way to be seated there. We need and want to hear your voice!

Please share your thoughts/questions/concerns with us.

For direct feedback aside from the legislative calls, consider the following:

Calling Amber at (719) 688-9941.

Emailing Amber at darcaconfrence@gmail.com.

Filling out the form below (under draft bills).

Check back for more updates. 


Interim Water Resources Committee Proposed Legislation


Check back soon for water updates on the 2022 Regular Session. 


Tell us your thoughts on the above legislation. 

Thanks for submitting!