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DARCA Coffee Chats

DARCA Legislation with Chane

Episdoe 2- Advocacy comes in many shapes and sizes, but one of the ways DARCA participates in advocacy is through the Colorado Water Congress' State Affairs Committee. We are so thankful to have Chane Polo, DARCA Board Member, who represents the Colorado Water Congress. In this Coffee Chat you will hear an update on all things Water Legislation and learn more about that process. We hope Chane’s message shows you that you belong at the table when it comes to water policy.

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Episode 1- DARCA was started in 2001 by Karen Radimaker. Karen has been a leader within the water resources community for over thirty years. Her work has not gone unnoticed and the Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance would not be what it is today without her leadership. We were fortunate enough to interview Karen on the first episode of our Coffee Chat series during International Women’s Month. In this episode you will hear from DARCA’s founder and leader Northern Water Karen Rademacher!

Winter Webinar Series

The Water Scenario

The Webinar includes a Colorado Water and Drought Update from State Climatologist, Russ Schumacher. Through the briefing, Schumacher discusses the seasonal effects of SNOTEL and the rainfall averages. With a greater snowpack from this winter, there are some offsets from last summer's drought climates but runoff will still be reduced especially in southern basins.

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DARCA welcomes the Colorado Water Congress (CWC) for a legislative update from Diana Orf and Doug Kemper. DARCA is actively engaged in the Colorado State Affairs Committee through CWC. This webinar highlights the past legislative session, what the summer of 2020 looks like for the water bills, and what is expected in the upcoming session.

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DARCA's third webinar includes a COVID-19 Economy update from Tom Lipetsky, the Colorado Department of Agriculture Market's Director. DARCA had the privilege of welcoming Mr. Lipetsky to the annual conference in March before the full effects of COVID-19 affected Colorado. Tom joined us again to summarize economic shifts, how stakeholders in both Agriculture and Natural resources are responding.

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As DARCA continues in its mission and vision one of the largest topics from members and non-members alike is the 811 One Call Law and its implications for water delivery systems. During this webinar, we heard a very important update and were able to collaborate with other water users who are at navigating these same issues.

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Lauren Hix of Gallagher Insurance, has been an actively engaged sponsor for a number of years. Lauren speaks about important things for all of us to know and remember ranging from COVID impacts to protection against cyber security and from bylaws revisions for ditch companies to trends in sectors of insurance. This webinar is one that you will want to tune into and take notes on!

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DARCA began twenty years ago when the need to collaborate with all ditch and reservoir companies was addressed. Since then we have created an outlet for digital communications, collaborated with other organizations, and continued to build on the family dynamic that sets DARCA apart.

Farm Cast Radio Cover

The BARN – Briggsdale, CO – September 21, 2020 – Joining the Colorado Ag News Network & FarmCast Radio today is Amber Weber of the Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance (DARCA), Alex Funk of the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), and Greg Peterson of the Colorado Ag Water Alliance (CAWA) and we are talking about the update to the Colorado Water Plan.

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DARCA is proud to work with 1 Up Drones as they are a technical asset that is valuable to all members of DARCA. This presentation by Chuck Adams explaining the work that he does, the value drones can be to your projects, and all things drone-related.

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We are currently living in a paradox, more connected than ever before but, also more disconnected than ever before. As a scientific community, we are responsible for telling our story- that includes sharing this story in accessible forms for all. If you have ever been curious about how to get started with digital communications as an organization or a professional this webinar for you. Tune in to hear DARCA's communication's specialist Micaela Fenton.

Webinar #9
Webinar #10

Late Summer and Early Fall of 2020 filled Colorado with flames and devastation. The largest fires in Colorado history raged over the rocky mountains and crept into the front range. These fires have a long term impact on many of the infrastructures Colorado depends on. DARCA invited, Carol Ekarius, an expert in post-fire recovery who works closely in the nexus between wildfire and water resources. This webinar is filled with valuable information for those who are curious about post-fire recovery,

Webinar Documents

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