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Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Law

Explore the basics of Colorado water law. Learn how it has developed and how it is applied today.

Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Transbasin Diversions

As a semi-arid state that straddles the Continental Divide, meeting water demands is a challenge in Colorado. The water is not naturally in the same place as a majority of people. Coloradans have relied especially heavily on the mighty Colorado River Basin. Transbasin diversions have helped Colorado make the most of its Colorado River water by moving it around the state, or by providing additional storage to maximize its use within its native basin.

Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Interstate Compacts Second Edition

The second edition of this valuable desk reference explores the basic essentials of Colorado's interstate water sharing agreements.

Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Conservation

WEco's updated Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Conservation looks at water conservation technologies, incentive programs, regulations and policies in every sector including municipal, commercial and industrial, and agriculture. A trusted reference for those who need a balanced overview of the opportunities and challenges in Colorado water conservation today.

Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Quality Protection

The Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Quality Protection provides an overview of water quality issues important to Colorado. It also summarizes the water quality protection framework currently in place on a national, state and local level to help ensure that we protect, restore and maintain the quality of this important natural resource.

Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Environmental Era

This guide extends the history timeline to recent years-what we have labeled "the environmental era." Essays from six prominent historians, authors and environmentalists discuss how the environmental movement has shaped Colorado's culture, communities and landscapes.

Citizen's Guide to Denver Basin Groundwater

This guide explores the geology and hydrology of the Denver Basin underground water resource, the legal framework developed for its administration and management, the current development of the resource, as well as its limitations and sustainability.

Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Heritage

This book draws together the expertise of six prominent historians and scholars from throughout Colorado and the West to explore how water shaped Colorado culture, history and identity. Discover Native American, Hispano and Anglo contributions to our water heritage. Important background reading for those interested in water resource issues, as well as a valuable teaching aid for the classroom.

This guide explains how climate, precipitation, rivers and aquifers affect Colorado's water supply,

This guide explains how climate, precipitation, rivers and aquifers affect Colorado's water supply, and covers how water moves from its source to the end user through intricate distribution and treatment systems that have developed over time.

Headwaters Summer 2016: Accounting for Water The Economics Issue

CFWE’s Headwaters Summer 2016 issue tackles the economics of water. In addition to looking at water’s role in Colorado’s economy, this issue covers creative funding opportunities to pay for sustainable water infrastructure as well as watershed planning and river restoration. Dive into how water is priced through water markets, rates and valuation methods—including those that account for non-market values—and explore both advantages and considerations in pursuing regionalized, projects.

Headwaters Fall 2017 Alternative Water Transfers

Water sharing and banking, coined "alternative transfer methods" or ATMs, could provide flexibility for stretched water supplies—but not without marked challenges.

Headwaters Fall 2014: The Will to Thrive on Colorado's Eastern Plains

Explore Colorado's Eastern Plains-- more than 1/3 of our "Rocky Mountain" state. Read about struggles to make the Ogallala, the nation's most imperiled aquifer, last. Learn about strides and efforts in irrigation efficiency and technology; and understand the biggest threats to drinking water quality and health affecting Eastern Plains' groundwater.

CFWE's Fall 2016 issue of Headwaters magazine tackles the topic of public health. The magazine intro

Fall 2016 issue of Headwaters magazine tackles the topic of public health. The magazine introduces the law and policy governing safe drinking water, then takes a close look at how public health concerns related to as-yet-unregulated contaminants are monitored and evaluated. The issue also looks at the unique challenges rural areas face, while exploring efforts to pursue increased water reuse, including from direct potable reuse systems, through initiatives related to both technology and policy.

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